Dear PullyannaManOrnage


You’ve arrived at my sometimes serious/but mostly humorous blog about what appeared to be an absolute tragedy that occurred in my life. You see, I was ghosted by my husband after a long term marriage of 29 years. Happily though, it turned out to be one the best things that ever happened to me.

I can now laugh about having the dubious distinction of being monumentally STUPID for a very long time! In other words, I was a world class schmuck, asleep at the switch for over two decades—deliriously happy to be married to a man who turned out to be my very own Benedict Arnold. Yep.

Bless his heart [not a compliment in The South], my sweet pumpkin was such a doll that he even ghosted me on Valentines Day, no less. Go figure.

Placing The Blame

So, what do you suppose that says about my ability to sniff out a rat? Exactly! You probably can already guess where the humor and the parodies in my writing will be going. Indeed. Right back here to ‘moi’.

So stick around if you enjoy being a fool by proxy. Keep reading if you think you might be enjoy hearing the gory details of someone else’s mistakes.

Let me assure you … if there was a mistake to be made … Einstein here made it. Duh!

But Knowledge Is Power [Isn’t That What They Say?] 

Today, I can boast that I am well educated in all Narcissism in love relationships—albeit after the fact. Admittedly, I was a day late and a dollar short when I started researching it, but that didn’t stop me from binge-watching every video ever posted on Google on the subject.

In short order, I got myself up to speed on the playbook of manipulation tactics and learned how to recognize the fun when it is occurring. I waded through countless sad accounts of how narcs wreaked on other people’s lives while showing no remorse.

As a result of my studies, I now know the proper ways to respond to narc antics and rage. I now know that from the nanosecond that one realizes that they’re locked into a dance macabre with a disordered character—there’s only one option. To go.

That said … at the end of my video tutelage, rather than feeling empowered, I hit an even lower rock bottom—if that was possible. It was disheartening to look back and realize that everything that I should have done, I didn’t. And everything I shouldn’t have done, that’s exactly what I did. [Um, hello … did I say that I was STUPID?!]

Yes, indeed. Einstein here punched the ticket given to her by her departing ex, climbed aboard The Chump Train, and proceeded to get off at every Stupid Stop along the way.

Batting A Thousand

I made every mistake a person could possibly make on my journey. Every, Single. One. Of. Them. [Did I happen to mention yet that I was STUPID?!] Oh, I did? Okay, I wanted to make sure that I make that abundantly clear.

But who knows? Maybe it was all for a purpose. Perhaps you—or someone you know—is currently [or has been] in a dance with the devil. Perhaps, like me, you too may have felt as if you were shoveling your way through a bucket full of … well … you know.

Big Grin

Hopefully, I can provide you with a little comic relief as you continue to make your way through your Big Dig. At the very least, after you read this blog, you’ll be able skip off reassuring yourself, “Well, hey, at least I’m not as stupid as that chick!’ LOL.

One Last Thing

I journaled for years. I posted the things I wrote scattered across 27 different private WordPress sites where I kept them for years. I have hundreds of essays to still find, consolidate and move here. So that’s why the menu on the sidebar looks so sparse.

In other words, I’m just getting started. Check back periodically. Everyone who likes humor is welcome.